some adjustment according scathach core

Minor 1.0.0

Jun 21st 2020: Merged boorus to list

  • konachan safebooru gelbooru lolibooru (banned)

Merged dota 2 utility

  • match tracker mmr calculator competitive schedule leaderboard mmr parser

Minor 2.1.0

Aug 27th 2020: Changed libs from eris to discord.js Merged animeme and shitpost to list

  • Some anime series

  • Some meme categories

Minor 2.3.0

Aug 28th 2020: Merged animeme and shitpost to list

Minor 2.5.0

Aug 29th 2020: fixed restapi and scraper

Minor 2.7.0

Sep 2nd 2020: fixed scraper

Minor 3.1.0

Sep 4th 2020: Merged these functions Dota2

  • herochanges,herostats,herotalent,itemchanges,itemstats,meta

Minor 4.0.0

Sep 9th 2020: Merged these functions Dota2

  • notableplayer,news,dots,pub,wtf,ibot,rizpol,lewdota

Major 7.0.0

Sep 9th 2020:

  • upgrade ^11.5.1 to ^12.3.1 discord.js

  • fixed bug

Major 7.1.0

Sep 11st 2020: Merged more bulk NSFW to list

  • `MSPAbooru,sakugabooru,Yukkuri,FurryBooru,Hypnohub

    EVBooru,Sonohara,Paheal,BULKBOORU(Multiple Grabbing)`

Major 7.3.0

Sep 13rd 2020: Merged more random invoked to list

  • smol,stronk,astolfo,ship,realship,

  • trap,yuri,yaoi,booruinfo(further)

Major 7.5.0

Sep 14th 2020: Added new Fetish(weebs) command into bot

  • `thicc cum nut pout

    ugly_man netorare pregnant ass

    yuri futanari double_penetration rape

    armpits armpit_hair armpit_licking smell

    pantyhose large_breasts blush blowjob

    masturbation pervert pubic_hair sweat

    footjob foot_licking housewife milf

    school_uniform bikini cowgirl_position doggystyle

    dark_skin impregnation animated gangbang

    clothed_sex uncensored twintails pussy_juice etc.`

Major 7.7.0

Sep 17th 2020: Added new Fetish(real) command into bot

  • `slut porn_star anal anal_penetration

    areolae asian ass big_ass

    bra brunette bondage cleavage

    cum_on_face cumshot doggystyle fake_breasts

    from_behind huge_breasts large_penis milf

    nipples nude oral open_mouth

    brazzers panties penetration penis

    removing_panties sexy sideboob stockings

    balls handjob oil sucking_balls

    bdsm finger_in_mouth deepthroat bbc etc.`

Major 8.0.0

Sep 17th 2020: Added Optional Parameter

  • disable embed using /noembed params before args

Major 8.1.0

Sep 19th 2020: Change libs with discord.js light (

  • fixed everything sucks

Major 8.3.0

Sep 21st 2020: Added more new stuff

  • `cryptocheck currency cryptoconvert whois_lookup

    alexa github_lookup steamfinder ip_lookup`

Major 8.5.0

Sep 22nd 2020: Added more new weebstuff

  • animeinfo mangainfo mal_lookup seasonal_reminder

Major 8.7.0

Sep 24th 2020: Added and merged some stuff

  • brainly,weather,latex,regex,ip,state,seiyuu

Major 9.0.0

Sep 27th 2020: Added some core command

  • uptime dev core changelogs version privacy_policy

Major 9.1.0

Oct 11st 2020: implemented Vtubers scrapper

  • vTuber schedule over Discord service (nijisanji,hololive,other)

  • platform: bili,youtube,twitch